[Video] Hijacking Movements & Occupying Paradigms: The Co-Option of the Progressive Narrative

Watch on Youtube: [Video] Hijacking Movements & Occupying Paradigms: The Co-Option of the Progressive Narrative

Transcript: Welcome. This is Everett Tucker of Mystic Politics, with a Mystic Politics Original, entitled: Hijacking Movements & Occupying Paradigms: The Co-Option of the Progressive Narrative.

One of the main concerns of the now global #OccupyEverything protests, other than implications the movement was created by the Obama administration to further their agenda, is that if they are grassroots (which the widespread adoption proves them to be) then they will certainly be hijacked by the current democratic party towards getting Obama re-elected, and then rendering the radical aspects of them down to status-quo friendly talking points that will be quietly forgotten after the election.

With many democrats at first shunning the ostensible lack of ‘demands’, and deriding the appearance of the progressive protesters, now it seems the establishment is courting the movement, fearing the swell of populist support will crash into them if they don’t paddle with it.

Even Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, who just days ago voiced distinct opposition to the Occupy Everything phenomena, is seen on video here now supporting the ground swell and saying he ‘understands how those people feel’, and that he ‘worries about he 99%’, quite the opposite response from his ‘class warfare’ talking point position of last week.

Many people who have witnessed the horizontal democracy, or non hierarchical administration, of the NYC General Assembly claim that it is impossible for the carjacking of the Occupy vehicle due to the egalitarian modality used to reach decisions. A new short documentary named Consensus (Direct Democracy @ Occupy Wall Street) was made to elucidate some of these, towards training and education of these ‘best practices’.

Many are quick to point out the initial and continued support of the tea party by the Brothers Koch, Dick Armey, and the Forbes Family, meaning to show by comparison of the movements that #OccupyEverything is the equivalent of the left to the #TeaParty of the right. The hipster nihilists who had their hopes crushed by previous movements are the first to scoff at the sincerity and efficacy of this new nascent revolution.

Many people look at the teaparty as a populist pre-tremor of the system-rending changes this new bi-partisan upswell hopes to enact.

Others claim that it is a false movement created by intelligentsia and revolution consultants, Like Otpor and CANVAS, or union leaders like Stephen Lerner of the SEIU who hope the anarchist undertones will destabilize the economy towards reappropriation of capital. Still others that note the original 16 Beaver Street meetings which turned into the New York City General Assembly were attended and shaped by occupiers from this summers Madrid protests, which may have been alined to the aforementioned Canvas consultants. Rumors of links to George Soros failed to sufficiently substantiate, and with MoveOn.Org being summarily rejected by the Occupiers it seems their efforts to draw upon the brand collateral of OccupyAmerica have failed thus far.

But I write this not to cast a vote towards either side, nor to judge who or why the powers that be may create movements , or if they indeed have.. I am here to point out one very simple fact…

It does not matter if a movement gets co-opted or hijacked in reality. All that matter to the people in charge is how the movement gets reported. If they can interpolate their own narrative to the story, and disseminate that to the public through TV, Radio, and web, then they have in fact steered public support to their cause.

All Obama would need to do is give a low-energy fuzzy endorsement of the Occupy protests to align himself to that egregore. HE needs only play clips of himself running for office on the same sort of promises which overlap with the movement to validate his sincerity towards the cause, his lack of action on the same issues during his administration will be forgotten in light of this. Ah the magic of perception.

Much like how the progressives and liberals now scoff and have reduced the teaparty to a Christian right evangelical KKK march, the right and left will both take the effort and bend it to suit their interests. Sure sites like Alternet and Counterpunch & Motherjones may shriek and point this put, but compared to CNN & Fox news they have next to no signal to reach the voting public.

So like the now vilified tea party struggles of the past failed to do, it is time for the Occupy Movement to apply a mission and vision and goals to their cause, created through their peculiar modality of administration and stack lists, to ensure that the demands of the movement are not lost in the bi-partisan media blitz of fuzzy talking points, with pundits of the left and right both affixing themselves to the progressive protestors, and reaping the rewards of occupying paradigms.

Matthew Taibbi of rolling stone magazine has compiled 5 points to effectively limit the power of the banks and financial powerhouses. In my opinion these are great starting points towards a body of causes that suit populist interests.
Some argue that the movement needs to stay amorphous to agglomerate more people to their core, but to me, absorbing people to a progressive cause that don’t uphold progressive ideals will weaken the unity of the protest. They have the moral high-ground, and they need to stick with their anti-corporatism roots. It is a just cause and resonates with the American populace in a way that is reminiscent of the civil rights protests of the ’60s, and if they are followed through, may allow even more people to ride at the front of the American Bus than the current societal ascendance of the financial hegemony allows.

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