Mystic Scholarships: I need your help

In the spirit of collective effort and activism Everett Tucker of Mystic Politics hopes to continue higher education via the help and support of friends and fans.

As federal aid is dependent on having registered for the selective service (draft), having failed to before the age of 25 eliminates that option.

I (Everett Tucker) managed to maintain a 4.0 during my first semester back in school since dropping out of 9th grade- and in the process was struck by the range of fields I had at best a faint notion of.

With your help, and hundreds of hours of study, I can transform the already formidable platform of Mystic Politics into a real showcase of academic and investigative research, with a focus on social activism and citizen journalism.

I humbly ask you, the friends and fans of Me and Mystic Politics for your help in the way of a small contribution. No contribution is too small, and at just under a thousand dollars if everyone in my social circles contributes a dime then I can continue exploring and examining the human condition in the spheres of academia.

Thank you.

Read more at Fundly 🙂

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