Beyond Lemuria (Video)

Beyond Lemuria (Video)

From Poke Runyon, Host of The Hermetic Hour Podcast and Archimage of the Ordo Templi Astartes (OTA), comes Beyond Lemuria, an american occult sci-fi b-movie masterpiece (at least the trailer) which they summarize as:

BEYOND LEMURIA is more than science-fiction. It is a unique spiritual adventure presented in the format of a mystic initiation ritual. The story unfolds as a symbolic morality play involving two groups of people, portrayed by the same actors, but dedicated to different goals. The sinister Draconians search for antediluvian secrets of power in the lava caves north of Mount Shasta while the spiritually minded Lothinians seek enlightenment from the Ancient Masters on the slopes of the Holy Mountain–thus the dark depths and the shining heights of human nature are explored against the awesome metaphor of Nature herself.

BEYOND LEMURIA was filmed on location in the ancient, jungle shrouded ruins of lost Lemuria in the Pacific, deep in the lava caves near Mount Shasta, and high upon the slopes of the Sacred Mountain.

BEYOND LEMURIA honors and extols the mystical heritage of California’s Sacred Mountain in an artistic and evocative presentation that all of us who revere Mt. Shasta can share with pride.

Watch Beyond Lemuria (Trailer) now at Mystic Politics.


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