Are GMOs one solution to an ancient puzzle?

Today’s GMO skepticism from Slate, Boing Boing & io9:

  • Robert T. Gonzalez, in a post on io9, makes the argument that conventional agricultural cross-breeding and gene modification are “…kernels from the same ear of corn,” with the only real distinction being that GMO is clearly superior to its historical cousin. | Read it
  • In an older Slate post referenced by yesterday’s io9 article, Keith Kloor details why despite their best intentions, anti-GMO activists are pretty much “…the Climate Skeptics of the Left.” | Read it
  • Maggie Koerth-Baker, in another article published yesterday on BoingBoing and referenced by i09, shows that the toxic Lenape potato, a coordinated 1960’s breeding experiment of “…researchers from the US Department of Agriculture, Penn State University, and the Wise Potato Chip Company,” “…played a big role in shaping how the USDA treats and tests new varieties of conventionally bred food plants today,” and is more worrisome than genetic modification which only targets one gene | Read it

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