(Video) Joe Biden: The Black Helicopter crowd is upset

(Video) Joe Biden: The Black Helicopter crowd is upset
Joe Biden opines on the Black Helicopter conspiracists and NRA disinformation in the Gun Debate:

“Now the NRA is engaging in a campaign, which is, I am not unaccustomed to, of disinformation. To try to scare people. Let me read some of the things they are saying about background checks. They say, quote, we, the federal government, want to put every private firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government, and keep all those names in a massive federal registry. Kinda scary, man. The black helicopter crowd really is upset. But guess what? They wanna say that universal background checks are, quote, an unworkable universal federal nightmare. Bureaucracy… that law-abiding citizens don’t want. They say even if we get a true universal background check it will never keep criminals from buying guns. None of this is true.”

Watch now on Mystic Politics | http://mys.tc/2ll


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